Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good times

A few summers ago, Rebecca and I decided to adventure to Lake Michigan. After an arduous hike up and down the dune stairs, we clearly needed cold, sugary refreshment. Fortunately, there was a Whippi-Dip near the park. Since we are such serious folks, a silly ice-cream-eating face contest immediately ensued. (It's a specialized skill.) Photographic evidence suggests that my very talented sister won.


  1. That's one ice cream cone that won't get away.

  2. hahaha. Makes me smile.

    I'm the sister who's always dreaming of the ice cream shop at the bottom of the dunes (or wherever!) when we visit the beach (and even when we don't!). Last May when we went to Lake Huron, I checked out all the ice cream shops on the drive to the Lake, and then was given the privilege of choosing which one to try on the way home.

    But I don't think we've ever done the ice-cream-eating-face contest before :)