Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fossil Rim

Oh, hello there! Let's pretend I've been updating regularly, so I can show you what the husband and I have been up to recently. For our anniversary a few weeks ago, we headed down to Glen Rose for a stay in a cabin on the river. Nearby is the Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve, which has an amazing assortment of animals that you can see while driving through the park. Since it was ridiculously hot out, driving in a car with air conditioning sounded pretty good to us!

The animals get really up close and personal when they know you might feed them!

 The wildlife preserve has food so that you can feed the animals. Giraffes' heads are big when they come down to eat out of your hand!

This ostrich was convinced that no one should go past it. The two cars ahead of us had a hard time getting past it, and it sat down in the middle of the road as we drove up. They're surprisingly big birds that close up.

The rhinocerous were, sadly, far away.

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