Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night Ben and I had a chance to see a Spanish chef prepare a number of interesting dishes. Here is his take on a ham sandwich.


  1. I hope you had the chance to taste it too.

  2. ...Thinking... I don't get it. Where's the sandwich?

    Just because it's delicious like a ham sandwich is delicious does not mean he understands the ham sandwich concept. He clearly thought bread could be substituted with olives. And that just won’t work.

    Love, Rebecca
    P.S. Nice picture.

  3. The ham was wrapped around the bread, instead of being on the inside. He was very into deconstructed food. The olives were for decoration (and my tummy). We did get to taste almost everything he demonstrated, so that was pretty cool!

  4. Looks like amazing ham...the stuff in the typical grocery store does the poor little piggy a big injustice!